Effective leadership


In any business, effective leadership is critical in franchising:  effective franchisors lead to effective franchisees, which lead to effective employees.

There’s no passing the buck here.  A franchisor should give you intensive training and operations guidelines to help you hire and train your staff.

Regardless of what a franchisor suggests in its manuals or its procedures, your employees are your employees.  Your actions are your own – and are not the responsibility of the franchisor.  Carefully verify all your employment procedures and policies with your attorney or other advisors.

Familiarity with the corporate culture can help your staff make decisions.  For example, suppose that you have a store manager who has never met the franchisor and is wondering how to handle a certain situation.  That manager may find the answer by asking, “What would the franchisor do in this situation?”  Your leadership will convey to the staff what the culture really means.  It must be the rallying point or, better yet, the “fabric of the system” that transcends the manuals, the forms, and the written procedures.  It generates in every staff a level of ownership in the brand and loyalty to the system.  The power of the culture is there.

Finally, the franchisor should lead by example.  If a franchisor maintains high standards, that tone will be set for franchisees.  Then – you guessed it – you’ll be the role model for your employees.