Are you cut out to be a franchisee?


We’re not going to tell you whether you should become a franchisee. That’s a personal decision. But we are going to ask you to look at yourself and answer the questions we have posed before you make your decision. You don’t need to score yourself; no one element is more important than any other. You also don’t need to get 100 percent to be the perfect franchisee. The questions are for you to ponder and use to make the correct decisions for yourself and your family.

  1. Can you follow someone else’s rules, even when you think you have a better way?
  2. Are you prepared to accept coaching and advice on how you run your business from a franchisor’s field and headquarter’s staff?
  3. If the franchisor turns down your great ideas for changing the system, can you live with that?
  4. Can you trust (with honest skepticism) that a franchisor is working for the benefit of the entire system – even when their decisions do not necessarily go your way?
  5. Are you willing to share financial information and prepare required reports each month?
  6. Are you willing, able and anxious to learn new skills?  Can you set aside old habits and beliefs to follow a franchise system?
  7. Do you have the personal drive to be a great operator?
  8. Are you willing to work whatever hours it takes to make your business a success?
  9. Are you willing to give up the corporate perks you have currently to invest in a franchise and operate your own business?
  10. Are you self-reliant?  Can you work without corporate support?
  11. Are you healthy?  Do you have the physical ability to meet the needs of operating your own business?
  12. Can you handle stress?  Do you have the mental ability to meet the everyday needs of operating your own business?  Can you handle crisis situations and deadlines?
  13. Do you like people?  Do you listen?  Do you have patience when working and interacting with others?
  14. Do you communicate well?  Can you be a leader and a trainer for your staff as well as a front person for your business?
  15. Can you maintain a positive relationship with the people who work for you?
  16. Can you meet the needs of your customers?
  17. Do you have the ability to sell – yourself and your products and services?
  18. Are you willing to use the advertising and promotional material provided by the franchisor, or do you have to be the creative genius?
  19. How much can you afford to invest?  How much can you afford to lose?  How much will you have in reserve?
  20. How do your family and friends feel about your becoming a franchisee?  Will they support you in your decision?

These twenty questions are the basic ones you need to consider. Others will come from those you trust for advice and from that little voice inside that will wake you up in the night. That little voice deserves to have its questions answered too.

From start up assistance and training to ongoing operations support and full service marketing, the Hand & Stone franchise team is with you every step of the way.

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