Common Fears and Emotions to Becoming an Entrepreneur


Sometimes when life presents an opportunity we do not always see it clearly. We can rationalize why we are not open to it, or maybe someone throws a wet blanket on it before you had a chance to discover whether or not it is a good opportunity. This article is the first of a five part series on the common fear and emotions that keep many of us from reaching our ideal lives.

Picture a bridge. On one end of that bridge stands ninety-five percent of the adult population under an employee umbrella. If we asked them whether they would choose the same career again most of them would say no. The reason we know this is because seventy-five percent of them say that they have a strong desire to be self-sufficient.

On the other side of the bridge stands the other five percent. These are the Entrepreneurs. If we asked them how many of them are anxious to get back to being an employee, what do you think the answer would be? If we can agree that that number would be very low, we would also have to ask another question: What is the difference between the seventy-five percent who say they want to be self-sufficient and the five percent who are? Are those five per centers braver or smarter? What is keeping the seventy-five percent from getting to the other side of the bridge?

If you said the biggest reason was fear, you would be right. Fear is the number one
emotional detour that keeps us from reaching our targets.

So what does FEAR stand for? False Evidence Appearing Real.

As human beings, we are generally afraid of making a mistake that we cannot recover form. Many times we stop moving toward what we really want for ourselves because the unknown is just too scary. The reality is that those five per centers that made it across the bridge are not generally braver or smarter than anyone else. They just stuck it out long enough to have a plan for success. They moved past their fear by gathering all of the information necessary to complete their plan for success. Do not let False Evidence Appearing Real stop you from living the life you want to live. Do not let a myth keep you from becoming a legend.

Jack Dawkins

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